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Acteon Sopro Sopix RVG Acteon Sopro Sopix RVG Acteon Sopro Sopix RVG
Acteon Sopro Sopix RVG
Acteon Sopro Sopix RVG Acteon Sopro Sopix RVG

Acteon Sopro Sopix RVG

Product Details:


Product Description

Fast and easy

The SOPIX series sensors are always ready to acquire. Your images are displayed instantaneously.


Better patient comfort

Edges and corners are rounded on the sensor to improve patient comfort.


Smart design 

Whiteside stripes offer high visibility of the sensor in the darkness of the mouth. They assist the dental professional in correctly positioning the X-ray tube perpendicular to the sensor. The images are accurate, without distortion.


High-quality images

The SOPIX series sensors provide accurate images and striking contrasts to ensure a reliable diagnosis.


No more overexposed images

It freezes the image acquisition as soon as it receives the radiation required to provide a good-quality image. Thus, it protects each image from overexposure. The dental professional and the patient are ensured that the first X-ray is always perfect, avoiding additional image acquisition. It saves time and the patient is protected from unnecessary X-ray exposure.


Outstanding working comfort

Your working environment now becomes more ergonomic and well-organized. The holder places the sensor safely to prevent it from falling to the floor. At easy reach, it is always ready for optimal working comfort.


Stop useless radiation

When SOPIX inside has received the energy required to provide a good quality image, it sends the information to the intraoral system to stop the X-ray emission.


Effective protection for minimal exposure

ACE technology, combined with X-Mind unity, limits patient exposure to X-rays. Now, the patient only receives the necessary dose adapted to their dental morphology, which protects them from useless overexposure. 


Sopro Imaging, always one step ahead

The unique communication between SOPIX inside and X-Mind unity now allows Sopro Imaging to systematically save, for each acquisition, all the data from the generator: exposure times, dose savings, dose area of irradiated tissues referred to (DAP) The dose received by the patient is now traceable. These features, already present in conventional radiology, are now integrated by SOPRO for intraoral radiology

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